• Roohi Ilyas
  • Sumera Kanwal
  • . Nousheen
  • Arif Rehman
  • Khan Shah Zaman


Risks of anticoagulation treatment are multiple. Warfarin Sodium when selectedfor anticoagulation needs to be kept in the target range for that particularcondition. INR levels, over or under the target range will be catastrophic in termsof bleeding or thrombosis respectively. Locating site of bleeding, such asretroperitoneal hemorrhage, in a patient with high levels of INR during warfarintreatment, is a challenging problem, in terms of diagnosis as well as treatment. Acase of prosthetic mitral valve replacement was diagnosed for retroperitonealhemorrhage, but fortunately diagnosed relatively early due to its typicalpresentation.

Key Words: Warfarin Sodium, Increased INR, Retroperitoneal Hemorrhage