Peripheral Arterial Surgery in 1980


  • Bhagwan Satiani


Peripheral Arterial Surgery in 1980


After more than two decades of rapid growth, with One advancement following another, peripheral vascular surgery has emerged as a specialty. Demand for this has been created by the prevalence of arteriosclerosis in the western hemisphere. Along with cancer and trauma, arterios clerosis related deaths are high on the list in the United States when one looks at the mortality statistic. Occlusive disease involving the peripheral arteries Constitutes a major share of this morbidity and mortality associated with arteriosclerosis.

These artificial conduits are then punctured with needles for chronic hemodialysis. Aside from autogenous saphenous veins, Dacron, human umbilical vein, bovine carotid artery and other materials are being used. Complication in these artificial grafts still pose a formidable problem for the vascular surgeon.