Two Dimensional Sector Scan Echocardiographic Profile of Tetr3logy of FaIlot**


  • Kalim U. Aziz
  • Teresa E. Berry
  • Milton H. Paul


Two Dimensional Sector Scan Echocardiographic Profile of Tetr3logy of FaIlot**


Material and Methods:

Fifteen patients aged 10 days—- 4.8 years (mean 1 .8 years) with tetralogy of Fallot are included in this study (Table I). One or more two—dimensional sector scan echo studies were obtained in each patient, and the echocardiograp hic diagnosis of tetralogy of Fallot established prior to angiography. Qiantitative assessment of the pu1monarr valve annulus and right pulmonary artery was made in 9 patients who had both catieterization, ana echocardiographic studies perlormed within a Iew days. The right p’ulmonary artery diarne:er was measured at a point midway between origin and the first branch point (Fig. 4)... (Table I). Additionally, in Cases 5 and 10 significant supravalvar stenosis of the main pulmonary artery was prospectively diagnosed from the echocardiograms (Fig. 5A).


Our study showed that two—dimensional echocardiography can accurately diagnose the important anatomic features of tetralogy of Fallo t. Identification of echo cardiographi call y obtained images was confirmed by echo contrast studies, angiograph ic and pathologic correlatioiis. Over— riding aorta and ventricular septal detect was always evident. Our study showed that two-dimensional echocardiography in addition to providing an accurate diagnosis of the anatomic features of tetralogy of Pallot can provide useful qualitative and quantitative assessment of the pathology.




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