• Azhar M.A Faruqui




Someone has remarked that truly great men are not those in whose presence you feel small but those whose presence elevates you’ to a level higher than what you truly are. Such great men are rare and the combination of a great man and a pioneer rarer still. I have in mind such a man who is also one of the founders and ex-Presider,t of the cardiac society Dr. Shauket A/i Syed, who retires from the directorship of the only established cardiac institution of the  country
an institute that he built literally from ground upwards.
If one looks at cardiology as it is in Pakistan today, one can c/early see Dr. Syed’s impact. The only epidemiologic works available in the country are his brainchild. Many prominent and well—trained cardiologists came back to Pakistan only because of Dr. Syed’s encouragement and tolerance of fiery young blood and finding a p/ace for them in The Institute. All of them, even those not in The Institute, are making contributions to the health care of this country. The Institute itself is a m a rye! of health care delivery a nd sophistication
, nourgeneraily backward country.
Now that he is not the diractor, The Institute is poorer by his absence. But, The Institute has been built wisely and on secure foundations by a dedicated staff and will keep’ up the traditions of being pioneer and pace—setter that were established during Dr. Syed’s tenure.