What Kind of Researéh Does Pakistan Need?


  • Azhar M.A Faruqui


What Kind of Researéh Does Pakistan Need?


The above question has been a source of concern to many of us working in teaching institutions and involved in research activities. Those of us who have had experience of working in teaching and research positions in advanced western countries, hopefully, have a greater perspective and perhaps a greater depth of vision. However, it is possible to be so over-awed by the dazzle of a successful and dominating system and society that one may try to mimic and imitate that system without giving a thought as to the relevance of such activities in a third world country like Pakistan.

As a developing country, we first have to sit down and organize our priorities and see where medical research fits. Then we have to see what type of research needs be done. It may be that the only type of research presently needed is simply to know what diseases exist in what proportion of our population, and secondly, of all diagnostic modalities and treatments available over the world, what is appropriate and cost effective in our setting.