Treatment of Heart Failure


  • Kalim U. Aziz
  • Azhar M. A. Faruqui


Treatment of Heart Failure


In order to manage cardiac failure we need to classify cardiac failure into categories:
a) Acute; history of onset in days or hours.
• b) Chronic or recurrent; history of onset of more than 3 month duration.
c) Sub acute; onset of symptoms of less than 3 month duration.

Common causes in children are:
. . • .
a) Rheumatic valvular heart disease.
b) Myocarditis (1% of all new Paediatric out patients at the National Institue of Cardiovascular diseases).
• Common causes in adults are:
a) Ischemic heart diseases and its complicat ions.
b) Hypertensive he art disease.
c) Rheumatic heart disease.
d) Cardiomyopathies.