Pakistan Cardiac Society: All Rituals No Real Work


  • Azhar M.A Faruqui


Pakistan Cardiac Society, All Rituals No Real Work


Pakistan Cardiac Society was one of the first speciality organizations to be formed in Pakistan. It ‘s officialpublication, the Pakistan Heart Journal, was one of the first speciality journals to be published in Pakistan. But havinggiven the country lead in this field what has happened to the society? An earlier editiorial (Vol 14, No. 1)had addressed this question and appealed to the society to come out of its long slumber. The entire activity of the society has been reduced to nothing more than the annual and bi - enniel meeting with its elections. It seems that the Qfll task our officebearers perform is sit on the stage with VIP’s and large crowds invited to listen to their hollow claims and grandiose plans.

One could go on endlessly. The purpose is not to lay blame on individuals but all of us collectively. There are things to be done and let us address ourselves to them earnestly. Wishes will unfortunately not come true without real hard work. So at the seventh bi-enniel conference let us get some real work dore.