Coronary Thrombolysis: Has Time Arrived For Us To Join The Bandwagon?


  • Azhar M.A Faruqui


Coronary Thrombolysis, Has Time Arrived For Us To Join The Bandwagon?


It is established beyond all reasonable doubt that a coronary thrombosis on an underlying atherosclerotic narrowing is the pathology found in over 90% of acute myocardiàl infarctions (AMI).

In a country with very very limited resources and only two fully developed centres for cardiac care to a population of 90 million, thrombolysis may be completely inappropriate. However, we must not close our minds to high technology and the good it can bring us if appropriately selected and applied at a proper time. We must constantly reassess our decisons ever so frequently. In my mind, the time for mass introduction of coronary thrombolysis in Pakistan has not yet arrived. Let me challenge this conclusion in a couple of years!