Twenty Years of Pakistan Heart Journal


  • Azhar Faruaqui


Twenty Years of Pakistan Heart Journal


As 1987 draws to a close, Pakistan Heart Journal celebrates its twentieth birthday. Publication started in 1968 with Dr.Ali Mohammad Chaudhary as the first Editor under the guidance of the late Col.M.HShah, the founder-President of the then newly formed Pakistan Cardiac Society.

While every Editor has left his impact on the journal, the services of publication incharge Mr.Asad Mirza must be placed on record for providing continuity and for doing all the hardwork. Also the help of Mr.Fasihuddin Alvi has been invaluable.

The journal moves in the direction the cardiac society moves which moves in the direction the whole profession moves and so on. I told him I had enough funds to print the journal from our own resources for the next five years but I always keep on waiting for one last article to complete the issue in the press! I think this sums up the mood and differences very well!