An Aspirin A Day, Keeps the Cardiologist At Bay


  • Azhar Faruqui


An Aspirin A Day, Keeps the Cardiologist At Bay


The ISIS-2 trial results have come with a big bang. Over 50% reduction in one month mortality after an acute myocardiol infarction was achieved by a combination of intravenous Streptokinase plus daily half a 325 mg tablet of Aspirin. What is even more exciting for the third world is the finding that Aspirin or intravenous Streptokinase alone reduced mortality about the same, i.e. by around 30% each! This is remarkable considering that Aspirin costing a few pai&zs did the job equally well compared to the Rs. 4000/- (over $ 200/-) infusion of Streptokinase.American physicians between 40-54 years age random- ly allocated to either placebo or one Aspirin 325 mg table t on alternate day. After 5 years, the number of fatal and non-fatal myocardial infarcts was halved in the treated versus the placebo group.

In summary, to the Cardiologist,Aspirin used alone is a powerful anti-thrombotic agent which is relatively safe, easy to administer and very very cheap besides being almost as effective as the most expensive and potent anti-thrombotic or clot lysing agent available in the world today.
Nature has shown kindness to the poor in the shape of Aspirin!