The Current Status of Surgery for Acquired Valvular Disease*


  • C. P. Young
  • B. T. Williams


The Current Status of Surgery for Acquired Valvular Disease*



The origins of valvular surgery lie 65 years ago but remained dormant until the 1950,s when closed mitral valve surgery was “rediscovered” and the heart-lung bypass machine became available.About the same time attempts were being made to repair regurgitant mitral valves with poor results in many patients, and attempts were then made to find a suitable prosthetic valve to replace the diseased valves.


Although there are many arguments for and against the type of valve substitute, when to repair valves, etc., certain conclusions can be drawn regarding the treatment of acquired valvular heart disease. Firstly with the safety of modern surgery operations should be performed early. There is no place for waiting until deterioration occurs as complications ensue and operative mortality rises. National multicentre studies performed worldwide would allow global and regional comparisons to be made of valve problems and successes.




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