Evaluation Of Surgical Results After Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting And Incidence Of Silent Ischemia Post-operatively


  • Akram J
  • Sheikh S.A
  • Changezi H.U
  • Sarwar ..


Evaluation Of Surgical Results


Ischcmic heart disease is one of the most comm on causes of morbidity and mortality in man. Considerable progress has been made over the past decade in this field and now the symptoms can be effectively controlled by medical as well as surgical interventions and a more favourable prognosis can be achieved.

PtCABG patients undergoing ETT at our facili ty during the period of one year, from September 1990 to August 1991, were used for this evaluation. After recording the hi story of each patient, a physical examination was done. Patients belonging tO the New York Heart Association Class IIIJIV or with LBBB on their EKG, were excluded from this study. The tolerance test was conducted on the standard Bruce protocol.