Antihypertensive Effect Of Urapidil


  • Shahid Karim
  • Shabbir Hussain Sheikh
  • Mohammud Zubair


Antihypertensive Effect Of Urapidil


The availability of several new antihypertensive agents enable the physicians to select a specific antihypertensive therapy forevery different hypertens ive patient in relation to the haemodynamic chara cteristics of the patient and the long term haemod ynamic effect of each drug’.

Patients and Methods:
The study comprised 12 male and female out patients with essential hypertension. Patients were either taking antihypertensive treatment on which they were not controlled or were diagnosed recently. All treatments were stopped at least 72 hours before starting therapy with Urapidil.

In conclusion Urapidil, an alpha receptor blocker with central effect was effective in controlling mild to moderate hypertension, i.e., diastolic pressure <115 mmHg or in severe hypertension in combinat ion with other drugs. The number of patients treated was small (12) and the incidence of side effects was high but these were mild and disappeared upon reducing the dose or spontaneously. Side effects did not necessitate withdrawal of the drug in any patient. No significant abnorm all ty in laboratory tests was detected.