Etiology Of Infective Endocarditis


  • Ghazala Haq
  • Misbahuddin Pirzada Siddiqui


Etiology Of Infective Endocarditis


Almost any species of bacteria is capable of producing infective endocarditis. However streptoc occi and staphylococci account for the vast maj ority of cases in which the infecting organism can be identified (Kaye1, 1979).

Table I shows the percentage of bacterial spec ies in the positive patients.

Table II Show the nature of bacterial species isolated from blood culture.

There were 18 cases (Table III) in which the etiological agent was isolated. Streptococci were isolated in 13 cases (72.22%) with Streptococcus viridans as the predominant causative agent. Foll owed by Staphylococci in 22.22% cases and strept ococcus faecalis in 5.55% cases. A comparison of the cases since 1924 shows a continual and steady decline in the proportiOnS of cases caused by alpha hemolytiC streptococci.