Echocardiographic Assessment of Patients With Isolated Mitral Stnoi


  • Khalida M. A. Soomro


Echocardiographic Assessment of Patients With Isolated Mitral Stnoi


The incidence of Rheumatic fever is Common between ages of 5-15 years and Rheumatic heart disease around 25 years. The disease is disappeari ng from the western Society. It is however major cardiovascular problem in developing countries like Pakistan.

Material and Mthod :
Subjects of study: Cases suffering from isol ated mitral stenosis were picked up from departm ent of cardiology since 1986. The diagnosis of mitral stenosis is made on history, clinical exam, x-ray chest P/A & left anterior oblique view.

Isolated MS is frequently seen in this part of the region, 52 cases with isolated MS : 22 males with mean age 26 years and 30 female patients with mean age 33 years are presented in this on going study for comparative study, 35 normal subj ects of the same age and gender were also ass essed (table-i).

Rheumatic heart disease, a consequence of Rheumatic fever, is a major cardiovascular probl em in developing countries like Pakistan. Mitral regurgitation can occur in a patient who suffers from Rheumatic fever during active course of Rheumatic fever. However it takes tens6’12 of years for mitral stenosis to develop.

M-Mode and 2D Echo cardiography both could be used to confirm MS but 2D is superior to M-Mode in correct measurement of MVA and thus grading the disease properly.