Reversal Of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy In Asiatic Hypertensives With Lisinopril


  • Masood Hameed Khan
  • Syed Zahed Rasheed
  • Rana Qamar
  • Shujauddin Shaikh
  • Khawaja Ahmed


Reversal Of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy


LVH is an independent risk factor for coronary artery disease and sudden death. It does not depend solely on the level of blood pressure but may also he mediated by neurohormonal factors’ including the activity of the renin angiotensin system and the sympathetic nervous system2.

250 patients, newly diagnosed or pre-treated with sustained essential hypertension were evalua ted for left ventricular hypertrophy by echocardiography. Out of these 40 patients, 12 niales and 28 females, who met the inclusion critew ere included in the study, 38 patients completed the study and out of these 2 patients were lost to fo11owup.

Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) is a struct ured adaptation of the heart to sustained hypertens ion severing to normalize the increased wall stress. Recent clinical studies have indicated that LVH is a powerful independent risk factor cardiovascular morbidity and mortality7’8 particular for acute myocardial infarction, cardiac failure, arrhythmias and sudden death9. Ghali JK et al having shown the relative risk of death from any cause in patients with LVH compared with patients without LVH was 2.14 times more among those with coronary artery disease and 4.14 among those without coron ary artery disease.