Circulatory Assist Devices


  • N. N. Khanna
  • S. S. Singhal


Left Ventricular Assist Device, Total Artificial Heart, Cardiomyoplasty’ Aortom yoplasty, Balloon Counter Pulsation



The circulation hss to be assisted by mechanical assist devices in cases of refractory heart failure. These devices allow the ventricules to recover by restoring adequate perfusion by augmenting the cardiac output and decreasing the load on the heart. In the last 40 years the technology of these circulatory assist devices has improved and has led to their widespread clinical application. Survival rates have imprived and morbidity is on a decline. Several parients have been supported for more than one year. Efforts are on for achieving the ultimate foal of manufacturing a implantable total cardiac substitute which is biologically acceptable and functional for a long period. The concept of dynamic cardiomyoplasty and dynamic aoromyoplasty is new an novel method for supporting chronically failing heart.