Coronary Revascularization Using Bilateral Internal Mammary Artery Experience At The Punjab Institute Of Cardiology


  • Khalid Hameed
  • Sarah Saleem
  • Raja Parvaiz Akhtar
  • Haider Zaman


Coronary Revascularization


As it is a well-established fact that arterial grafts are better than vein grafts, single (Left) IMA graft is routinely used at almost every centre in the world because of its longer potency. Left IMA is easy to use mostly onto LAD system. Very few surgeons are using the Right IMA routinely.

All 384 patients who underwent the CABG operation were studied in Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Lahore, from September, 1991 to the end of November 1993. These patients were divided into three groups.

The Internal Mammary Artery is the only vessel in which atherosclerosis is almost nonexistent. Most of the surgeons now routinely use single left internal mammary artery because it is easy to use as a pedicle graft on to the LAD system. Quite a number of studies have established longer potency in IMA grafts (92% after 10 years).