Clinical Profile Of 400 Cases Of Acute M.I. Admitted At N.I.C.V.D.


  • Khan Shah Zaman
  • Salah UD Din
  • Roohi ..
  • Azhar Faruqui


Clinical Profile Of 400 Cases Of Acute M.I.


There were around 80% male patients and rest were females. 59% of patients were between 40—60 years of age. Cigarette smoking emerged as major single common risk factor. 68% of the patients ar ñved in < 6 hrs. and around 32% of the patients received thrombolytic therapy.

Coronary Heart Disease is some thing like epid emics. It effects far more male patients at younger age. Family history is not a strong risk factor, cigar ette smoking followed by hypertension and hyper lipidaemia is the major risk factor. Although great majority of patients arrived in less than six hours, however relatively few number of patients received thrombolytic therapy.

All patients of both sexes with ECG criteria of acute transmural M.I. were recruited in this study. Patients with abnormal resting ECG as LBBB and only ST,T changes were excluded.