Left Atrial Aneurysm


  • N. N. Khanna
  • R.P. S. Bharadwaj


Left Atrial Aneurysm


A case of left atrial aneurysm is being reported with relevant review of literature. The diagnosis is usually considered in patients presenting with a mass in left side of heart with supraventricular arrhythmia and signs and symptoms of Lardiac compression. Surgery is curative.

Left atrial aneurysms are rare and thought to be thie to congenital weakness of the atrial wall, leading to gradual dilatation and ballooning. However, exa ct etiology is still not known. Three forms of aneurysms have been described in the literature viz intrapericardial aneurysms involving the lçft atrial free wall, aneurysms of appendage and multiple small aneurysms involving the entire atrial wall5.