Clinical Wisdom In Modern Age


  • Kaleemuddin Aziz


Clinical Wisdom


This is the age oftechnology so that technologically advanced nations are dominating the economic and political affairs ofnations around the globe. The technologic empires rule the world through telecommunication web, the tentacles ofwhich have reached even the smallest Pakistani towns. In the field of medicine, technology based protocols have taken over the patient care in most advanced countries ofthe world. Since the age of Socrates, and, throughout the history of medicine, clinical wisdom has been the guiding force in patient care. It has resulted in large volume ofjudgements based on minute observations ofdisease patterns and management strategies. lfwe as a society decide to choose patient care based on pure technology based protocols, the rupee cost to the patient would be prohibitive ofits wide spread application in a developing country like Pakistan. The great challenge for the developing countries would be to mix age old clinical wisdom and judgements with carefully selected high technology protocols ofdiagnosis and treatment modified in light ofour realities but still remaining good science and affordable. This mixture ofart and science would produce harmony and would therefore be assimilated by developing countries like Pakistan in a natural andjust manner.